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Canyon Star: the Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome


The Canyon Star is the flagship of the Newmar gas motorhome line. It matches the luxury look, feel, and features of a diesel motor coach with the versatility of a gas motorhome that can be used as a weekender, vacationer, or full-time RV.

All of these features are included in the design of the Canyon Star floor plan 3911. But the 3911 floorplan is different for a very important reason -- the Class A motorhome is the only wheelchair accessible motorhome for sale currently on the market.

What's different in a wheelchair accessible RV?


Every year, Newmar innovates by advancing previous designs. Developing the handicap accessible motorhome was done in part by listening to the needs of Newmar owners that are wheelchair users. It advanced and modified the existing Canyon Star design to create a fully wheelchair accessible motorhome for handicapped RV owners.

So how does an interior redesign accommodate wheelchair bound RVers? It starts with the Braun Century 2 powered wheelchair lift. The powered lift can be operated directly by the wheelchair user with the wired remote, or by a family member or friend. The Braun lift has two handrails that provide support, and is capable of lifting up to 800 pounds.

Inside, it's all about the details. The interior of the Canyon Star wheelchair accessible floor plan offers the same comfort and style as the other Canyon Star floor plans, but features a 30-inch track from the front of the cockpit to the master bedroom at the rear of the cabin.

An ADA-approved shower is the highlight of the spa. Counters are lowered in the kitchen for wheelchair accessibility, and the microwave and interior control panel are both moved to add convenience for handicapped Canyon Star owners. Grab bars throughout the Canyon Star also make it extremely accessible.

Why create the wheelchair accessible Canyon Star?


People ask why we decided to design a wheelchair accessible motorhome floor plan. We started with the stories we'd heard from Newmar owners and motorhome enthusiasts over the years. Their passion for being part of the recreational vehicle lifestyle was important to us. In the past, we'd worked with individual owners to customize motor coaches for wheelchair accessibility, and we felt it was time to introduce a floor plan designed for wheelchair users.

The postive feedback we have received over the past year has been overwhelming. The Canyon Star floor plan 3911, as the only the handicap accessible motorhome, returned in 2014 and includes the same updates and overall interior improvements as the other 2014 Canyon Star floor plans.

As time goes on and we get to know the Newmar community better and better, we are always amazed by the passion that owners have for the recreational vehicle lifestyle and how involved they are in the community. We work every day to maintain the same level of service and quality. That's the Newmar Difference, and that's why the Canyon Star wheelchair accessible floor plan is part of the Newmar model line again in 2014.


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Introduction to the 2014 Newmar Canyon Star


We once got the following feedback from a member of the Newmar community that had owned her new Canyon Star for a little over a year: with the Canyon Star, you get everything.

CanyonStarWe classify our line of motor coaches into three categories: luxury, diesel, and gas. But because we add new features and amenities each year, a coach like the Newmar Canyon Star is constantly being improved. For that reason, many people think of the Canyon Star as a luxury motorhome even though it's a part of the Newmar gas motor coach line. The Canyon Star has the high-end look of a diesel motor coach in a luxury gas unit.

The 2014 Newmar Canyon Star is a great place to start for a first-time RV buyer that's looking for a versatile motorhome capable of meeting a variety of needs. It is known for its versatility and customization: there are eleven different floor plans available, each with their own features and personalities. (As a frame of reference, the first two digits in each floor plan number correspond with the length of the model, in feet.)

Included in this year's floor plans are:

Newmar Canyon Star 3424

The Canyon Star 3424 is a new model for 2014. The Canyon Star 3424 is a full wall slide floor plan. The 3424 features an 84-inch sofa and a dinette on the side of the cabin opposite the door. While it's the smallest Canyon Star floor plan at 34 feet in length, it has a large galley area with pantry and a large main bedroom with a wardrobe across from the restroom.

Newmar Canyon Star 3920 Toy Hauler

The Canyon Star 3920 is a floor plan with a full rear garage. The versatile space can be used for hauling equipment or small vehicles, as an animal kennel, or as your road office. The 3920 can be customized with an optional electric bunk bed and 32" Sony LED TV in the rear storage area. A second floor plan new to 2014, the Canyon Star 3921, also features a rear garage.

CanyonStarWheelchairNewmar Canyon Star 3911 Wheelchair Accessible

The Canyon Star 3911 is a wheelchair accessible motorhome with a powered wheelchair lift, a 30-inch track from front to rear, and grab bars throughout. The kitchen countertops, sinks, shower, control panels, and appliances are also adapted for wheelchair accessibility.

Newmar Canyon Star 3956 (formerly Canyon Star 3856)

What used to be the Canyon Star 3856 is now the 3956. The new floor plan is a foot longer and offers a king bed as a standard feature. The shower is larger, as well, and now has a 36-inch radius, offering more room.

What's new in the 2014 Canyon Star?

Aside from the medley of new Canyon Star floor plans now available, other advancements and improvements have been made to the 2014 Canyon Star. Every year, Newmar refreshes certain aspects of each model, and this year's Canyon Star has been updated to give the gas motor coach even more of a luxury feel.

In 2014, all floor plans featuring a standard TV in the front overhead will have a 40" LED TV. The dashboard and instrument panel have been redesigned, including new locations for radio and rear vision monitors. A new motor system will make slideouts move in and out twice as quickly as last year's models, and a built-in USB charger near the driver's seat makes it easy to plug in a computer, phone, or music player.

Stylistic changes will make the Canyon Star feel like home. A third style of interior wood, called Bisque, is now available for the handcrafted interior cabinetry. Solid surface dinette table tops replace the wood versions used in previous model years.

The exterior now features a chrome front grille and new front and end caps that feature a stainless steel accent. 

Other changes to the 2014 Canyon Star include:

  • Side hinged baggage doors

  • Tethered fuel cap

  • New chrome exterior mirrors

  • New, more stylish exterior graphics

  • New decorative lighting sconces and smoked mirrors


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Newmar Factory Tour-June 6, 2013


Hello Newmar family!

Monday afternoon on my tour, none of the customers owned Newmar products (yet!).  I took them through the plant and showed them how we take pride in our products and how well built a Newmar product is!  When it is time to purchase a new unit (or even a used Newmar!) they will consider buying a Newmar after their experience here at the plant.

TOUR 6 3 0021 1024x520

Safe Travels~

Roxie Rice

Newmar Factory Tour-May 23, 2013


A bunch of us in for service decided to brighten an otherwise dull, cold, rainy by taking the factory tour this morning.  The tour leaders often take a photo of the tour group, but this morning I thought I would do something different and take a photo of the Tour Leader, in this case Michelle Howard, leading the tour.


Over the years, we have taken the tour many times, but it is always interesting and the subject is always changing – in a good way!  The new units look fantastic!

Jim Hagedon
Newmar Kountry Klub

Newmar Factory Tour-May 21, 2013


Good Morning!

On Monday morning, 5/21, I had this group touring the plant with me.  5 out of 7 on the tour owned Newmar products, and did a good job trying to convince the one couple to buy a Newmar for their next coach.  We got the tour done before it got too hot thankfully!  Although the winds kept the air moving!

describe the image

Our prayers go out to the people of Oklahoma, may you find the peace and strength in the coming days.

God Bless,

Roxie Rice

Newmar Factory Tour-May 10, 2013


Happy Friday!

On my morning tour I had Forest & Judith Van Loon, Chuck & Norma Penn, Dan & Jeanne Leininger and Scott & Sarah Stouder.  Chuck & Norma own a Kountry Star diesel pusher and love it, and the Leininger’s own a Mountain Aire diesel pusher and love their coach.  The Leininger’s brought their daughter Sarah and new son-in-law Scott through the tour so they could see for themselves, how quality of a product we build and when they get ready to purchase their first RV, it will be a nothing other than a Newmar!

tour 5 10

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day !

Roxie Rice

Newmar Factory Tour-April 24, 2013


Great group that showed up for our morning tour despite the snow that was falling today.

4 24 13 Morning Tour

Thanks for stopping by…safe travels!

Michelle Howard

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